The Cross

March/April Edition

By Pastor Tony Ojamiren. 

Corin. 2:2 “For I determined not to know anything among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified.” 

The focus of Apostle Paul’s preaching and teaching to unbelievers was about Jesus Christ, who paid the penalty for sin on the cross. 

It is through the finished work on the Cross that anyone who recognises and accepts the death of our Lord Jesus Christ, that enables them to cross over from death to life, and from the power of darkness to light (this light is the kingdom of the Son of God).

The cross that the enemy used as a symbol of cruelty and death became the means of God’s redemptive power for our salvation. 

Likewise the Nile River, where the Egyptians threw the Israelite babies as sacrifices to their deity, became the place of deliverance for Moses (Moses’ resurrection).  

This same Moses later became the one that brought deliverance to the Israelites (Ex 2:1-6).Moses was rejected by his people and became the instrument of God’s deliverance (Ex 2:14).  

Jesus was also rejected by His people (John 1:11) and became the chief cornerstone (Acts 4:11 & Ps 118:22). 

Today as we look forward to Good Friday in remembrance of what Jesus did for us on that cruel cross, we should not forget that this redeeming sacrifice (bought) for us our salvation. If you have not yet experienced this gift, it is not too late to appropriate this into your life by confessing your sins and enthroning Christ in your heart.

People are often carried away by the joy of the Easter celebration (the day Jesus rose from the grave is also called resurrection Sunday), but have forgotten the significance of Good Friday that comes before Easter.  

Heb 12:2 “.... Jesus endured that cross, despising the shame,…”  JFB translates this verse: The coming joy (resurrection) disarmed the sting of the present pain (the cross).

This is why “we” in Wired For Glory Church do what we do. We were once religious and disconnected from God but Jesus came into our lives and we are now reconnected through the power of the Cross and wired for God’s glory.  

We don’t do religion, we NOW do relationship to God and to one another. This Cross is what connects us to God. You are welcome to partake of this heavenly blessings we are enjoying here in Wired For Glory Church.

The world today is celebrating the arrival of the “vaccine” to help them overcome the virus problems.  I hasten to add, “Vaccine is not a silver bullet” but the CROSS. The Cross is the power of God unto our salvation and this is where we receive atonement for our sins and healing against this virus. Today, God is calling you to repent and appropriate into your life what Jesus Christ did on the Cross.

You must look beyond the current virus environment and focus your attention to the victory of The Cross and His resurrection. Amen.

It will be well with you if you do this in Jesus Name. Amen. Stay blessed.  

Your friend Tony Ojamiren

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