God will make all things beautiful in His time! There is a diamond in each and every one of you, it takes a visionary person to draw it out. 1 Chron 4:1-8 (Pls. read) Just like in these verses (1 Chron 4:1-8), this diamond is buried within some rocks and dirt. Due to laziness or it may look like work or just can’t be bothered or in a state of apathy, we often stop short before reaping that pearl of great price. Because it looks like work, some of us do what I call “a Passover”. 

  • We Passover it and choose the path of least resistance.

 What is it in a name? Does the name your parents gave you have any impact in your life or influences the way you behave? God changed Abram’s name to Abraham (father of many nations). Jesus named Simon to Peter (a stone - John 1:41 & Mark 3:16). Jesus named the sons of Zebedee: James and John as the “sons of Thunder. In 1 Chron 4:10 - Jebez’s parents named him Jebez (the one who causes pain). But he prayed to change it and his situation and God granted him and his name became honourable (The one who is more honourable than his brethren).   

  • If you don’t like your current situation or the life you are living, you can change it through prayer.

   Naomi, due to her circumstances, named herself “Mara” meaning “bitter” (Ruth 1:20). Naomi’s parents had given her a beautiful name meaning “sweetness or pleasantness.” But now, Naomi asked to be called “Mara,” meaning “bitter,” to reflect her harsh and difficult life (Ruth 1:20) My parents gave one of my elder brothers a beautiful name but as he grew up he changed his name to “corpse” meaning dead man. This ended up defining him. What name are you giving yourself? Or put in another way, what names are you calling others? Prov 18:21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue, And those who love it will eat its fruit.

  • Are you allowing your circumstance to shape your life and destiny?

 Naomi in Ruth 1 allowed her circumstance to define her and yet God in His mercy placed beside her all along the solution to her problem. Ps 46:1 God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. 

  • I decree that none of the harsh circumstances you might be facing today will ever shape your life but instead, God will use it to shape your character for the better.

 Every time there is a problem, God in His mercy will place a solution beside it. Quite often, we are more consumed about the problem which can blind us from seeing the solution beside us. We often concern ourselves with what is not there rather than what is there.  We allow our circumstances or experiences to shape us. 

  • I pray and decree for those who will be reading this message that failure will never define you. Amen.

 Have you ever stood in front of a mirror especially when things are not going right or you made some mistakes and said to yourself: “I am a failure, I am ugly, I cannot succeed in life, this is me and my circumstance can never change”. Why not instead stand in front of that same mirror every day and tell yourself: I am a child of God and He loved me that is why He called me His beloved.

You must change your language as well as your attitude because your attitude will determine your altitude. In Ruth 1, when Naomi’s husband (breadwinner) and her two children died, she thought that was the end of her story. It’s like digging through dirt and mud like the genealogies in 1 Chron 4:1-8. Those who dig beyond verse 8 get the diamond. Even when you find the diamond (in this case, Jabez), he still causes pain. This diamond have to go thru some refining and polishing.  Jabez prayed to change his situation. 

  • If you don’t like your situation, speak/pray to change it in Jesus Name.

 Naomi’s story was being rewritten in the person of Ruth who refused to listen to her negativity and went with her to Bethlehem. Remember that irrespective of your current circumstance and no matter how painful or bitter it might be, that is not the end of your story.You must constantly remind yourself that this is not the end of your story. 

Naomi thought her circumstances would shape her destiny. She got Bent out of shape: Naomi allowed her circumstance to make her bent out of shape even after she arrived in Bethlehem, everyone was moved and asked “is this Naomi?  She said call me Mara (bitter). She became bitter because of her situation.

Her circumstance tainted and obscured or prevented her from seeing the solution God allowed to walk beside her all the way back to Bethlehem.

  • The God with you (Immanuel) is the present help in time of trouble - Ps 46:1

 When problem strikes, don’t dwell on the problem, don’t waste your time looking for the WHY? Look around for the solution.Moses: God gave Moses a problem to solve - Bring out My people out of Egypt. He said I am nothing - God said what is that in your hand? A rod! Next! Moses said I cannot talk. God did not heal his stammering - He said Aaron will do the talking for you. Jabez’s mum gave birth to him out of pain and named him Jerez - the one who causes pain. As Jabez grew up, his name became synonymous with bad luck and no one was willing to associate with him. He was lonely and ostracized. He did not go into a pity party mode, the Bible said, he prayed and sought God diligently and God heard his prayer and he became more honourable than his brethren. 

  • In Fact he changed his name from the one who causes pain to being honourable.

 What are you allowing to shape your life? Your situations are not set on concrete.

Don’t allow your circumstances to bend you out of shape. God will make all things beautiful in His time. Be encouraged. 

Your Friend,


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