National day of Prayer

National day of Prayer

Join Us For The National Day of Prayer & Fasting 2019

The National Day of Prayer & Fasting will be held on Saturday 2 March 2019. The National Day of Prayer & Fasting in 2019 will be followed by a 40 Day Prayer Relaystarting on Ash Wednesday, 6 March to Sunday 14 April 2019.

Our vision is to link the various events through webcast all over Australia. To do this we are standardising the National Day of Prayer & Fasting prayer and worship celebrations to go from 10AM – 4PM right across Australia in each states particular time zone. This will allow most of us to be together from all over Australia for most of the time. We encourage each state to stick to the 10AM – 4PM times for combined prayer meetings irrespective of your time Zone.

There is great power in unified prayer. Psalm 133 says “When brethren dwell together in unity… there the Lord commands a blessing even life for evermore.”

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